What do I do with my old microwave oven?

Answer Deciding what to do with an old microwave oven is not difficult if you understand your options. It begins with an honest assessment of your microwave's condition. Once you have done so, you can mak... Read More »

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What could be wrong with a Microwave Oven if turning it on trips the Mains...each time?

Combi ovens usually can handle microwave and metal components so i wouldn't think you broke it by doing something wrong.What is wrong could be a lot of things, almost anything can cause a short cir... Read More »

Why does the plate inside the microwave oven rotate when the oven is swtiched on?

It's set to rotate so that the food on the plate that you're trying to warm up gets warmed up evenly all over the plate.If you don't have a rotating plate, it will still warm it up, but you may hav... Read More »

What are the components in a microwave oven?

A microwave oven is a familiar household appliance. Let's take a look at what's inside.The whole thing is basically a steel box that has an opening in the front fitted with a door. The door has a s... Read More »

Why can't we put metal in a microwave oven, even though the inside of the microwave is all metal?

Because the inside of the oven is designed to reflect and concentrate the microwaves where they want them. Metal you put inside would reflect the waves unpredictably and could cause very high level... Read More »