What do I do with an old computer monitor?

Answer Salvation Army

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Tft flat panel monitor with a vga connection you also have a computer with a vga connection How can you improve the monitor to digital quality?

Digital video is not inherently better than analog. In some cases, digital can be a lower quality. DVI is the digital display standard for computers but it is based on the same resolution as VGA ou... Read More »

What can I do with an old computer monitor?

a CRT monitor has to be disposed of correctly as the contains a lot of lead, and other chemicals that are not globally friendly, If it is working donate it to a 3rd world country, who are less fort... Read More »

What is wrong with my computer monitor?

There are certain standards in the computer industry and one of them is that a blinking light on a monitor indicates that it's not getting a signal (I'm going to assume that since the power button ... Read More »

What do i need to get to hook up tv to my computer monitor with digital cable?

A 49" monitor? That's... big.Anyway, if you have a cable box, and the monitor has HDMI input, you can connect your monitor to the cable box.HOWEVER if the monitor doesn't have it's own speakers, yo... Read More »