What do I do with all these veggies?

Answer I love having tons of vegetables as we freeze and can them like crazy, then have garden grown produce all winter. Here is what I suggest for eah type of veg you mentioned.Cabbage - make sauerkraut ... Read More »

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Are there any potential problems with growing veggies/fruits from the seeds of store bought veggies/fruits?

You can plant them and they will probably grow, but they will not give you the highest yields or quality that you might expect from store bought, packaged seeds. Most veggie and fruit farmers are g... Read More »

How Can I Turn These Fruits & Veggies Into Treats?

you can use purees in filo pastry and in wonton wrappers and freeze the puree in ice cube trays to store in freezer bags until you're ready to use it. you can also fill the centre of dumplings and ... Read More »

Are organic veggies happier veggies?

Yurp yurp. I think so. I wouldn't want icky pesticides sprayed all over me ;)

Veggies to go with this meal?

Roast some asparagus in the oven with sea salt, garlic, freshly ground pepper and olive oil.