What do I do when I burn myself with hot water?

Answer The first poster is correct - cold water (not ice - it can damage tissue) and burn cream. Never use oil based remedies (ie: butter) as they will help the burn continue to burn & make it worse.If i... Read More »

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Will i burn myself if i touch the inside of the oven when its on HELP?

Well, you are apparently supposed to be a certain minimum age to even be on this site, so I will treat you as such.Yep, go ahead and stick your hand inside the oven when it is well and truly heated... Read More »

I just burned myself with boiling water o my entire forearm. What can I do to ensure there will be no scarring?

This is typical of the type of question that you should seek immediate medical attention for. The bad thing about the internet is that there is this "do it yourself" mentality and everyone wants to... Read More »

I cut myself a little bit on my wrist and I washed it with water how long would it take to heal?

I did the same thing. I washed it with hydrogen peroxide though. It's still healing but it should take no longer than 2 weeks I believe. Goodluck! C:

Why does my hand burn when I put it under water?

That is because your hand was cold from the freezer. The warm water increased the blood flow so it felt like it was on fire.