What do I do to prevent forgetfulness?

Answer Forgetfulness can be frustrating, but with a few strategies for sharpening your brain, you can remember more and forget less. Most strategies, using memory aids such as lists, rhyming, writing, pic... Read More »

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What are the causes of mental fog, loss of memory&forgetfulness?

Causes of mental fog, memory loss and forgetfulness are not necessarily serious, but pinpointing the exact problem can prevent more serious illness, especially in the elderlyTypesMental fog, memory... Read More »

Tips on Organization & Forgetfulness?

Memory is sometimes elusive and can be embarrassing or inconvenient if it fails at an inopportune time. A little organization goes a long way when it comes to building up your memory muscle. By wor... Read More »

Do flu shots prevent intestinal flu or do they just prevent the cold flu?

The flu shot only prevents respiratory influenza. It does not prevent the gastrointestinal "flu" virus that makes you have GI symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea without the cough and resp... Read More »

What do condoms prevent?

Its both. Condoms will HELP prevent both, nothing is 100%. Hopefully you will wait for a long time before having sex but atleast you are doing your homework. If you feel like you are getting ready ... Read More »