What do I do if people I don't know keep calling?

Answer turn yr cell off.

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When m calling any other person i dont want that when anyone else call me it shud ring as busy to them so plz?

on a landline? dial *70 to disable call waiting on a per-call basis for outgoing calls... or call your provider and tell them to cancel call waiting or voicemail or whatever else you might be talki... Read More »

How can I get charities to stop calling me I dont wanna sound like a scrooge but........continued.....?

I am willing to bet that when you gave money to the Police Athletic League, you were talking to a call center, not the actual charity, if they were even a real charity. There are sadly a lot of bo... Read More »

Why do people call Adalia Rose beautiful but have no problem with calling average people ugly?

Adalia is gorgeous on the inside, even if she's not on the outside. im sure most people dont think shes attractive, but honestly, no one would admit that.thats just how society works, were too sens... Read More »

How to Deal With People Calling You Emo?

"emo girl"Are you being called emo at school or by your friends? Here is what may help.