What was clogged in the toilet on The Jersey Shore?

Answer It is a guinea tea, also known as a wife beater.

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Toilet clogged what is the best way to unclog it?

buy a closet auger about $15 at the home improvement store

What can one do to fix a toilet that's clogged with a silicone implant?

That a really great quest....*head explodes*

Is it safe to use the sink if the toilet is clogged up?

"Safe," as in, "is there going to be a sink shark that comes up through the pipes and bites off my junk?"I think you'll be fine.

How can I fix my toilet - it overflows but it's not clogged?

Do you have a septic tank? If so, it could be time to have it emptied. Or: The toilet overflows if either the building sewer, branch line in your sewer system or trap in your toilet gets clogged... Read More »