What do I do if my iPhone 4 won't respond to anything?

Answer Try holding down the button on the top of the Iphone and the one at the bottom. Press them in together until the phone switches off and then it shout reboot itself. Or if your phone is dead and won... Read More »

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Why wont my printer respond?

if you have a windows machine, Please go to control panel > printers and... > and make sure your printer is selected as the default printer, you may do this by right clicking on your printer and se... Read More »

IPhone 3g wont work with universal dock it says in the box iPhone iPhone 3g and iPhone 3GS and comes with the connectors but it says this accessory is not made to work with iPhone?

My 30 GB Zune freezes in the loading screen with a fully loaded bar and wont respond to anything...?

My 30G Zune froze as well, this is happening to everyone who has the 1st gen Zune. Might be a hardware problem more than likely.However once the new year rolls in im gonna get an ipod touch...screw... Read More »

Your iPhone up when you tried to update the software to iPhone 4 then you had to restore the iPhone to original factory settings and now it wont do that HELP?