What do I do if my fingers are superglued together and to the little container?

Answer nail polish remover-but don't use it where the skin is broken and bleeding! soaking it in water will help some and waiting. My mom glued hair for Halloween to my face (big mistake) took 3 days to g... Read More »

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xD when i read this question i could not stop laughing. I am not trying to be mean but it's the truth LOL!! :D I agree the answers above me. LOL. Well if you really did super glued your eyes shut t... Read More »

Guys i superglued my hand to my dick?

Get some fingernail polish remover or some gasoline. These will dissolve supeglue.Now...I want to know WHAT type of model turned you on so much that you had to masturbate?!?!?SL

I superglued my boobs together. where do i find a bra that would work?

I superglued rhinestones to my ipod and now i want them off. They are only on the edges. What can i use to?

paint thinner/acetone/nail polish removernail polish remover will be the safest cuz u dont really wanna mess up the pain on the i-podbut those will cut down the glue