What do I do if my earrings are having blisters I have my full story?

Answer You should not wear was earrings a lot if they give you blisters. You can wear them occasionally, but take them off before the blisters arrive. And make sure to take your earrings off before bed if... Read More »

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How are you supposed to treat blisters I have blisters on the bottom of my toes! They are like boils! HELP?

it is always best to leave the blisters unpopped and let them heal on their own. the fluid inside the blisters is sterile to your body and if you pop them, you run the risk of getting an infection.... Read More »

Will you please give the full story of the epic maragtas?

The book relates the history and customs of the people of the Philippines in earlier times. It was written by Pedro Alcantara Monteclaro in his native language. It also runs to some six chapters, ... Read More »

Is there a place where you can turn regular earrings into clip-on earrings?

I dont know about a place that does it but I use to go to the Claires (pretty sure it was claires coulda been icing or whatever its called) in the Longview mall and buy these little things that mad... Read More »

How to Convert Pierced Earrings to Clip On Earrings?

Would you like to wear pierced earrings but need clip-on earrings? Use the following tips to customize a pair of pierced earrings with this easy conversion project.