What do I do if my Social Security card is stolen?

Answer A Social Security card is important because you need it to get a job and collect Social Security benefits. Many companies, banks and credit companies will ask for a Social Security card for proof ... Read More »

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What should I do if my Social Security card gets stolen?

If your Social Security card is stolen, the person who stole it may try to use your number to open bank accounts, obtain credit or get a job. In these cases, there can be very detrimental implicati... Read More »

How to Report a Stolen Social Security Card?

If your Social Security card is stolen along with other belongings, such as a purse or wallet, you should immediately file a police report and contact a credit reporting agency. If you discover you... Read More »

How to Change a Social Security Number If It's Stolen?

Identity theft usually begins with it the theft of your Social Security number. It can be difficult to restore your good name and credit. Even though it is recommended to change your Social Securit... Read More »

What else can I use if I lost my Social Security card?

A government-issued photo ID or driver’s license or passport are acceptable forms of identification. If you are applying for a license, ID card or a new Social Security card, you can use your bir... Read More »