What does it mean when you use the bathroom and it burns when you pee and sometimes bleed?

Answer sounds like a urinary tract infection, see a doctor

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What happens when hydrogen burns?

Hydrogen is the lightest, most abundant element in the universe. The hydrogen atom comprises approximately 90 percent of the universe. Hydrogen is extremely reactive, combining readily with the ele... Read More »

What do you see when a meteor burns up in Earth's atmosphere?

Meteors that are large enough to be observed burning in the Earth's atmosphere appear as stars that are falling from the sky, or "shooting stars." The phenomenon that is observed is intense heating... Read More »

What do severe burns feel like when you're recovering?

I had 3rd degree chemical burns on my arm years ago. Ironically, I got the burn while my arm, which was broken, was in a cast...kerosine was poured down my cast, and ended up burning my arm before ... Read More »

Replaced thermal coupal pilot light burns then burner comes on burns for 15 seconds both go out?

Make sure the thermal couple is postioned in the pilot flame correctly. It could be a bad gas control valve.