What do I do if I put hand soap in a dishwasher?

Answer You're in a pinch and out of dishwashing detergent, but it's not okay to use the container of hand soap sitting on your kitchen sink. Using hand soap in a dishwasher sends mounds of suds surging th... Read More »

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What is wrong with my dishwasher when the Dishwasher soap dispenser open but soap not disolved after wash cycle?

I used to have this problem but solved it by using tablets instead of powder - problem gone!

What Is the Difference Between Hand Soap and Foaming Hand Soap?

Hand soaps and foaming hand soaps have become very popular on the market as a cleaner alternative to bar soap. The pump action in each bottle dispenses a premeasured amount of soap, but foaming ha... Read More »

I accidentally put foaming hand soap in my Bosch dishwasher rinse aid dispenser .how do I remove thatthanks.?

You would have to disassemble the front of the dishwasher but it isn't easy. I would just run it empty (using the shortest cycle available) a bunch of times until the refill light comes on. Then fi... Read More »

What soap removes the most grease dish soap hand soap or shampoo?