What do I do if I lost my learner's permit?

Answer The procedure for replacing a learner's permit or driver's license varies from state to state. In most states applicants are required to complete a form and pay a minimal fee. The fee in New York S... Read More »

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What do I need to do to get my learners permit?

Hello Noneya,You can find all the steps of the application procedure here:… Start with studying the Handbook first and then you can practice online to ... Read More »

What Are the Rules for a Motorcycle Learners Permit?

Getting a motorcycle learner's permit is one of those catch-22 situations. To drive a motorcycle, you need experience, but how can you get experience if you don't drive one? The Department of Motor... Read More »

Learners Permit in Pa?

Hello Summer,The following link has step-by-step info on the license application process:…Hope it helps

Does the insurance go up if you get a learners permit?

Answer Depends upon the state in which you reside, as well as the company. Check with your state's Department of Insurance. Answer If you mean, "Will the parents' insurance go up once a teenage dr... Read More »