Do I have an eating disorder?

Answer yes you have an eating disorder. You can not survive on 500 calories. You need a minimum of 1200. if you eat only 500 you wont loose weight.. Your body will think its starving and stop weight loss... Read More »

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Do I have an eating disorder!?

Your weight for your height and age is perfect, your body will be great you do not need these thoughts, if you are that paranoid get out and exercise more and cut out sweets

Do I have a eating disorder?

I have a eating disorder...HELP?

You need to tell this to a doctor. And you arent gonna gain weight just because of a meal, trust me. What you need to do is eat 1800 cals a day. No more, no less.

Do i have binge eating disorder?

AW. Sorry hun, it sounds like you do! Maybe try therarpy or find something else to distract you from binge eating, like a new hobby! And dont eat when you are hungry, have 6 little meals and you wo... Read More »