What do I do if I forgot to cash an income tax refund check?

Answer A federal income tax refund check is valid for one year after the date of issuance. You can have an older check replaced by returning the outdated check and submitting a request in writing to the I... Read More »

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Can wal-mart cash a financial aid refund check if so what is the limit to how much they can give me?

Not too sure about a f.a. refund check, I know other checks you can such as a payroll or income tax. What you can do is open up a saving account and keep some in your saving account and keep some f... Read More »

How to Check on an Income Tax Check Refund Date?

If you are expecting an income tax refund check, it is important to know what date it will be issued. You can check your refund date online through the Internal Revenue Service's website. If you fi... Read More »

How to Track an Income Tax Refund Check?

Where's My Refund is a free online tool available from the Internal Revenue Service that allows you to track the status of your federal income tax refund check. The website allows you to get up-to... Read More »

How do I check a federal income tax refund?

Where's My RefundUtilize the "Where's My Refund" feature offered by the IRS on the website. You will be prompted to input information about your filing status--single, married, head of hous... Read More »