Can this catch on fire?

Answer Good grief, get a bulb that has a built in reflector… that has been designed and UL (insurance underwriters) tested to safely dissipate heat.

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Does Styrofoam catch on fire?

Expanded polystyrene foam is made from petroleum. Therefore it is extremely flammable. In addition, burning polystyrene foam is dangerous because it releases into the air harmful chemicals, such a... Read More »

Can a car battery catch on fire?

Yes, it is possible for a car battery to catch on fire. This occurs when the battery is not well-maintained, becomes loose or used incorrectly. Make sure that when charging a car battery, the right... Read More »

How to Catch Mew in Pokemon Fire Red?

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How Does a Dryer Catch on Fire?

According to Single Family Home Remodeling, the clothes dryer is one of the three top electricity users in your house. This electricity is used to create ample amounts of heat to dry laundry. If no... Read More »