What do I do if I accidentally swallowed a....?

Answer It shouldn't be that much of a problem when I was little I used to eat rocks.No problem with plastic I think your stomach acids can digest it.

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I accidentally swallowed a condom?

thats really freaky.. you should probably go see a doctor... it might do more than not let you impregnate another girl. it might catch food/water in it and might blow up =/ see a doctor A.S.A.P.

I accidentally swallowed a quarter, will I be OK?

For your sake don't leave it up to chance.All of these seem reasonable answers, I wouldn't worry about poisoning or anything. Although it could pass through your bowels. A quarter seems about the... Read More »

What to do if you accidentally swallowed a eraser shred?

Coins are said to be the most frequently-swallowed object, along with paper clips, erasers too, even batteries.. but these are much bigger than a piece of an eraser shred... Not to worry, not toxic... Read More »

I accidentally swallowed a pair of scissors..?

You need to swallow a rock. Rock beats scissors.