What do I do for a bee sting It happened days ago. My finger is swolen and numb.?

Answer I once got stung by a bee and sucked out the poison right away. It probably helped reduce the pain but it still hurt for about a week. I did not go to the hospital and after a week or so, the pain ... Read More »

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Why is my finger like this is it swolen?

Yes, it's swollen, and it could be from a variety of things - one of them being you could be allergic to carrots. Rinse your hand under cool water to give some relief to the swelling. And hold yo... Read More »

How to Help a Numb Finger?

A numb finger, very irritating to all people and even you. So you want it to stop being numb? Well, how about you try follow these simple steps?

Tip of my finger is numb?

Numbness in fingertips is a common complaint in winters. There are symptoms like sudden cramping, along with numbness and tingling in fingertips. There are others, who also have burning sensation o... Read More »

I cut my finger and it's numb. What will happen.?

Yes, would also suggest seeking medical attention. Do it to keep yourself right.