What do I do for a bee sting It happened days ago. My finger is swolen and numb.?

Answer I once got stung by a bee and sucked out the poison right away. It probably helped reduce the pain but it still hurt for about a week. I did not go to the hospital and after a week or so, the pain ... Read More »

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Why is my finger like this is it swolen?

Yes, it's swollen, and it could be from a variety of things - one of them being you could be allergic to carrots. Rinse your hand under cool water to give some relief to the swelling. And hold yo... Read More »

I cut my finger and it's numb. What will happen.?

Yes, would also suggest seeking medical attention. Do it to keep yourself right.

My finger tips feel numb have since I woke up what could it be?

might possibly carpal tunnel syndrome, but i ain,t a doctor that,s the way my carpal tunnel syndrome started. get help as soon as you can.carpal tunnel is no fun believe me i know

Tip of my finger is numb?

Numbness in fingertips is a common complaint in winters. There are symptoms like sudden cramping, along with numbness and tingling in fingertips. There are others, who also have burning sensation o... Read More »