What do I do at a superbowl party where I don't know anybody?

Answer It is a well known fact that girls who attend superbowl parties are bored out of their minds. So just start dancing and they will flock to you. My personal favorite dance is called the 'gravedigger... Read More »

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Im having my 13th party and i dont know what to get as party bags/ alternatives?

I'm not too sure what you're friends are into, but I'm 13 and my friends all love the bath company store 'Lush', so what I'm doing is getting them about 2 bath bombs each (they're from £1.90 - aro... Read More »

How to Incorporate a Projector Into a Superbowl Party?

The Super Bowl is the event of the season for football fans. Hosting a Super Bowl party requires some planning, and here's how to incorporate a rental projector to make your gathering extra-special.

What is a good dessert to take to a superbowl party?

Something that is individually portioned and does not require utensils! I suggest cupcakes. Who doesn't like cupcakes? You can decorate them with blue and orange, becuase you'll be rooting for ... Read More »

What are some food ideas for a Superbowl party?

When hosting a Super Bowl party, the big game calls for some big eating. When feeding a group of hungry football fans, simple, hand-held foods will keep everyone happy and the mess to a minimum.App... Read More »