What do I do after applying thermal paste to GPU?

Answer if your gpu is overheating its probably because you do not have good airflow or enough airflow in the case, if you are hacking on the gpu you need to put on an thin-thin almost see-through laver o... Read More »

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Can you turn PC on after applying thermal paste to CPU?

If you did it the right way - yes you can turn it on.

How to Apply Thermal Paste?

Anytime you use heatsink on a CPU (central processing unit) or a video card, you always have to apply thermal paste. Even though applying thermal paste is a very easy process, it is extremely impor... Read More »

Can I make my own cpu thermal paste?

try using a penny... but it may not be safe

Putting thermal paste on a cpu?

You have to put thermal paste between the CPU and the heatsink / fan combination on most modern CPUs - they simply produce too much heat to transfer with strictly metal-on-metal conduction; you nee... Read More »