What do I do about my 4-year old who refuses to write and color?

Answer MAYBE HE HAS SOMETHING MEDICALLY WRONG WITH HIS HANDS? oops cap lok that is causing him pain or discomfort to hold a crayon or pencil???

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What happens if a 14 year old refuses to be under custody of both of his or her parents?

The minor can stomp her feet and "refuse" as much as she wants but the choice is not hers. If she runs away the police can bring her back and the people she stays with will be charged with harborin... Read More »

My son is 3 and the school refuses to come to the house and pick him up like last year. Is there guidelines?

Call the school bard r superintendant. this is not right preschoolers and special needs kids should be picked up at there door

What do you do if your six-year-old refuses to visit to his father and you are afraid your child will hate you if you force him to go?

Answer Children can sense a lot more than we give them credit for. Sit down with your son and ask him why he doesn't want to visit his father. If the father is a good man and you don't want to hu... Read More »

In Georgia can a 17-year-old live with her mother if her father has custody of her and refuses to allow it even though he has kicked her out of his house?

AnswerNot a lawyer so this isn't a legally binding answer but I would think at this point since he has kicked you out of his house he doesn't really have much say over you... On a more serious note... Read More »