What do I do I don't like most foods?

Answer You really have to change the way you eat. You're right that you eat like a baby, you're not alone though. It is your mother's fault and not yours, there is no doubt. It was her duty to teach you t... Read More »

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FOR GUYS. What are things most girls consider physical flaws that you like, dont mind, or hate?

My girlfriend has shaved off her "WELCOME MAT" and i dont like it because it dont look or feel the same?

Don't be so fussy....least you can now see what your eating!!

What is the name of a movie you like, but dont like the ending?

The Boy In Striped Pyjamas.Set: Ed WoodWorst Love story: The RoomBest Love story: Either Titanic or Brokeback MountainWorst death scene: Troll 2Best death scene: Friday the 13th Part 2

What to do if your cousin dosen't like you and you dont like her?

Just don't talk to her. You should leave her alone for a while. Remember though that you are cousins and still are family. Family is important, they are the ones closest to you, though one day you ... Read More »