HELP!!! I'm trapped in my closet please help!?

Answer Use your internet power to go to textfree, Its a website where you can text for free. Make a user account and then text a contact your plight. Turn the brightness on your l... Read More »

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What Do I Do With a Bird Trapped in My Wall?

It starts as a slight scratching. You suspect mice or rats at first until you hear the faint tweeting that means only one thing: A bird has become trapped behind your wall. Unfortunately, getting t... Read More »

How to Put a Closet in a Bedroom With No Closet?

A bedroom closet is a very useful feature. If your bedroom has no closet, it is possible to build one yourself. This project takes time and special skills, but if you have the desire to learn and t... Read More »

How to Bleed a Cooling System With Trapped Air?

Whenever you drain and refill the cooling system for any reason, you're more than likely to have small pockets, or bubbles of air trapped in the system. These air bubbles can create problems. The p... Read More »

Who would be the worst person to be trapped in a lift with?

Worst:David& Victoria Beckham, they've the most boring voices ever!!!Jeremy Clarkson: annoying!!!Naomi Campbell: Scary!!!Jade Goody: annoying!!!Barry Scott: enough said!!!Best:Kiefer SutherlandDavi... Read More »