What do I charge to decorate for Christmas as a business?

Answer On One Hand: Think about a few factors.It is hard to gauge an exact amount of how much to charge for a Christmas decorating fee. Before setting a fee, discuss what your client wants you to accompli... Read More »

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How to Decorate for Christmas?

Many people love decorating for Christmas. Here are some simple guidelines you may want to follow to make sure your decorations look great!

How to Decorate With Dry Ice for Christmas?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and is extremely cold at minus 109 F. When it is placed in hot tap water, it creates a drifting fog. This adds another dimension to your Christmas display. Add the d... Read More »

How to Decorate Christmas Cookies?

Have you ever wondered how to make really great Christmas cookies? Just follow these tips and you'll have the best cookies in no time!

How to Decorate for Christmas With Ribbon?

Decorating for Christmas with ribbon is easy to do in almost every area of your home. Ribbon adds a classic touch that's inexpensive and easy to pull off. It also makes a great project for kids who... Read More »