What do HoneyBaked hams cost?

Answer The price of a HoneyBaked ham depends on the weight of the ham. HoneyBaked hams range in weight between 4 and 16 lbs. and cost between $34.95 and $94.95, respectively. HoneyBaked charges the same p... Read More »

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What do Honey Baked Hams cost?

The Original HoneyBaked Ham is available in a variety of sizes and prices. Half hams weight between 6 and 9 lbs. and range in price between $64 and $79. Full hams weight between 13 and 16 lbs. and ... Read More »

How do i hang hams?

Salt ItRub the entire surface with the ham with salt. This should include the meat and rind area of the ham. Over time, this will reduce the natural waters found in the ham. This will also cause th... Read More »

Types of Baking Hams?

Hams are one of the most favored parts of the pig, with tender meat and succulent flavor. Holidays such as Christmas and Easter are traditional times for serving ham, but it is a delicious choice a... Read More »

Are cured hams cooked?

Cured and smoked hams are usually not cooked. If a ham must be cooked after it is purchased it is labeled with cooking and safe handling instructions, according to the U.S. Department of Agricultur... Read More »