Can house geckos live with leopard geckos?

Answer It is usually not a good idea to mix species of geckos because different species have different habitat needs and exhibit different behaviors. Additionally, housing two male geckos together can res... Read More »

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What do wild geckos eat?

A wild gecko is a small lizard belonging to the Gekkonidae family. Over 900 species of gecko are found throughout the world in warm climates such as Australia and Texas. Their diet varies from worm... Read More »

What do golden geckos eat?

In the wild, golden geckos eat a variety of foods, including insects and fruits native to their Vietnamese habitat. In captivity, golden geckos are generally fed calcium-fortified crickets, waxworm... Read More »

At what time do geckos eat?

Most geckos are nocturnal predators and eat at night. Some species also hunt during the daytime. Their natural diet consists of small insects. Geckos don't discriminate, and eat all insects that ar... Read More »

What do Mediterranean geckos eat?

The Mediterranean gecko feeds on a variety of spiders, insects and other invertebrates. Mostly nocturnal, they tend to wait on walls at night around lights for insects that are attracted to the lig... Read More »