What do D&B credit ratings mean?

Answer Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) credit ratings help service providers and lenders determine the risks associated with providing a loan or line of credit to another business. The D&B credit rating considers ... Read More »

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How many years do bad credit card ratings stay on a credit record?

Most records of bad credit remain on your credit record for seven years. However, Chapter & bankruptcy records remain part of your report for a decade and unpaid tax liens have no expiration date.R... Read More »

Are credit ratings procyclical?

Established ratings are not procyclical. A slight correlation exists between new or revised credit ratings and the aggregate economy. When the economy is good, new credit ratings tend to be over-op... Read More »

How often do credit unions get CAMEL ratings?

The National Credit Union Administration uses a rating system to assess the health of state-chartered and federally insured credit unions. This rating uses five criteria, known as CAMEL for short: ... Read More »

Who can check credit ratings in Australia?

Under federal law, only authorized credit providers and law enforcement officials can view your credit rating in Australia, according to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Credit... Read More »