What do Chicago police uniforms stand for?

Answer Chicago police wear dark pants with short-sleeved shirts that are either light blue or dark-colored. In 1858, the first Chicago police uniform was adopted that had all blue material with a gold ban... Read More »

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Does anyone remember the name of a kids tv series about a young red haired girl who i believe was from out of space and there bad guys in futuristic PVC police uniforms with pointy hip trousers?

not really an answer but was it along the lines of the red head was called X and she lived with a normal earth family for a while but ended up going bk to her planet and fighting the bad guy but sh... Read More »

What is the salary of a chicago police lieutenant?

The average salary of a Chicago police lieutenant is $45,000. Compensation fluctuates depending on experience, rank and expertise. Candidates with less experience have an average salary of $31,200,... Read More »

How to File a Police Report in Chicago, Illinois?

A police report is a document generated by local authorities. The report documents illegal or potentially illegal incidents. The police personnel gather witness testimony, factual data, information... Read More »

History of the Chicago Police Motorcycle Unit?

The Chicago Police Department boasts a long and prestigious history, starting as far back as the 1830s. The CPD predates Chicago as a city and remains one of the oldest police forces still in exist... Read More »