What do Catholics do when the pope dies?

Answer On One Hand: The Church MournsWhen the pope dies, the whole Catholic Church goes into a period of mourning. The "camerlengo" (chamberlain of the Holy Roman Catholic Church)--assisted by medical per... Read More »

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How to Meet the Pope?

Want to meet the pope? Here are ways to potentially get their. Take it from anybody who has had the previous honor of meeting the Pope.

Where did the surname pope come from?

If your surname is Pope, you may be interested in where the name originated. Often knowing where a surname came from helps you identify more about your family origin. Knowing more about your surnam... Read More »

What are the pope's powers?

The pope wears many hats: head of state, head of the Catholic Church and influential figure in world politics and charity. Though he is often overlooked, the pope may well be the most powerful man ... Read More »