What do Cabinet members do?

Answer The main job of Cabinet members is to advise and assist the President in carrying out the duties of the office. They also serve as top-level executives overseeing 15 different agencies covering bot... Read More »

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What cabinet members of the US were present during the 2011 State of the Union Address speech?

The Vice President and the speaker of the House (of Representatives). They are Currently Joe Biden(VP) and John Boehner (SOTHOR)

Who are Maine's cabinet members?

In 2010, the governor of Maine, John Baldacci, has 20 members in his cabinet. These are mostly department heads, though the cabinet also included heads of several commissions, authorities, offices ... Read More »

What were the names of Obama's cabinet members that attended the state of union January 24 2012?

How many members are on a presidential cabinet?

The presidential cabinet is made up of the vice president and 15 department heads. They are the attorney general and the secretaries of agriculture, defense, commerce, energy, education, homeland s... Read More »