What do Buddhists need in their employee lounge?

Answer Buddhists don't need anything special in their employee lounge.

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How do you get to the employee lounge on lure of the labyrinth?

What Are the Different Types of Buddhists?

Founded in North India between the sixth and fifth centuries B.C., Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world. With approximately 376 million followers, it is also the fourth largest aft... Read More »

1985 lounge Marriott hotel Seatac Wa. What is the name of the lounge at that time?

according to another question ( who has the largest chain in the world), MCDonalds would be the biggest restaurant chain in the World

If Buddhists aren't supposed to kill any living thing, then why do they make silk via Sericulture?

There are loads of different types of Buddhists. Not all Buddhists make silk. Buddhists who have the right understanding of their religion won't kill anything, but many people don't have this under... Read More »