What do African grey parrots eat?

Answer African grey parrots eat fruits, sprouts, grains and commercial pellets. Varying the bird's diet keeps it interested in new experiences. Calcium is an important part of an African grey's diet becau... Read More »

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Diseases of African Grey Parrots?

Like any pet, even the best-cared-for African Grey parrot can develop health problems. Some health problems are caused by contact with other diseased pets, and some problems are due to poor breedin... Read More »

Do African grey parrots talk?

Yes. One of the most famous talking African grey parrots was Alex, who not only had a vocabulary of 100 words but could count up to six. He also could communicate with and understand his researcher... Read More »

Where are African Grey parrots most common?

The most common area to find African Grey parrots is West-Central Africa. Three varieties include the Congo African Grey, Greys from Nigeria and the Timneh African Grey. The Congo parrot is general... Read More »

Can African Grey parrots see in the dark?

African Grey parrots have poor night vision. In the wild, they roost at night when predators may get them. They sleep 10 to 12 hours until the sun comes up and it is time to start their day.Referen... Read More »