What do African children do in their spare time?

Answer They dont have any spare time, they work all day long.

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Do you think working Mothers appreciate their time with their children more than SAHMs?

I think it totally depends on the person. Some working mothers probably cherish the time they have with their kids and mak the most of every minute of it, while some working mothers come home from ... Read More »

What was the name of the special that John Ritter did with his first wife when their children were small about how children take what adults say literally and how that plays out in their young minds?

I think the programme is The Secret World of the Very Young.If you take a look on the IMDB website you will find it on there

Why should you give children a time to express themselves in their own words?

Children's personality's need to be nurtured to do so we as adults must be patient ( not always easy).Children's understanding of language is not as developed as our own therefore it takes them lon... Read More »

Deleted facebook now got loads of spare time, what do i do?

find a hobby or a focus that will benefit you like reading to help education or running to get fit. Set goals and try to reach them :)