What do A.C.& B.C. mean?

Answer According to Merriam-Webster, they both mean the same thing, "before christ," and they are used to express dates that happen before the birth of Christ. The preferred term is B.C., which is the Eng... Read More »

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What does "Electronic Shipping Info Received" mean i was tracking order and i dont know what it mean?

This means that UPS or Fed Ex (Which ever they used), has been notified for a pick-up... they don't have the package yet !

What does lose of use mean on a renters insurance policy mean?

Loss of use is usually a coverage of the costs incurred by someone as a result of your accident. If your water heater busts and ruins your carpet you may be insured for that and get new carpet. The... Read More »

What does ink system failure mean on my C5180 all in one printer copier scanner mean?

It seems the problem could be anything from out of ink to a couple of blown cpacitors.……http://www.gregorystrike.... Read More »

What dose up-scale mean in regard to blu-ray DVD players mean?