What distinguishes a bilateral contract from a unilateral contract?

Answer Simply put- A unilateral contract can be modified or changed by one party and a bi-lateral must be agred upon and accepted by both contractual parties involved.

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Is glaucoma unilateral or bilateral?

Glaucoma can be unilateral (affecting one eye) or bilateral (affecting both eyes). Unilateral glaucoma is typically secondary, caused by an eye injury, tumor or some medications. Primary open-angle... Read More »

Are CPT codes for bronchoscopies bilateral or unilateral?

A bronchoscopy is a diagnostic medical procedure that is automatically performed on both lungs. Therefore it is considered a bilateral, or two-sided, procedure and is so coded by CPT (current proce... Read More »

If you signed a contract with the national guard can you change your contract do the split training option?

here is an answer for you this whole is hokey you know there is just a bunch of random people writing random things down like i am that probably are not the answers that you are trying ... Read More »

I have been using my iphone 4 32gb since November '10 and would like to cancel the contract after weeks. My contract is until nov. 12.... In this case how much should I pay as a penalty to ATT?

First, go to the mailbox you want to delete emails from. Then click edit on the top right corner of the screen. Next, click the white dot that appears on the left of the email and when it's check-m... Read More »