What distinguishes a bilateral contract from a unilateral contract?

Answer Simply put- A unilateral contract can be modified or changed by one party and a bi-lateral must be agred upon and accepted by both contractual parties involved.

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Is glaucoma unilateral or bilateral?

Glaucoma can be unilateral (affecting one eye) or bilateral (affecting both eyes). Unilateral glaucoma is typically secondary, caused by an eye injury, tumor or some medications. Primary open-angle... Read More »

Are CPT codes for bronchoscopies bilateral or unilateral?

A bronchoscopy is a diagnostic medical procedure that is automatically performed on both lungs. Therefore it is considered a bilateral, or two-sided, procedure and is so coded by CPT (current proce... Read More »

A buyer signs a contract and phones to confirm that he's signed contract but before he sends it he receives a letter from the seller declining sale because he was offered a higher price. who's right?

What if your iPhone 3GS is on a 2 year contract with O2 but you wish to sell it after 3 months on eBay therefore can a buyer who also is on a O2 pay monthly contract pop their sim card in and use the?

Planimetric maps depict only the two-dimensional relationships of points. They shows the geographic location of features on a horizontal plane, but don't show the elevation.Thematic maps convey spe... Read More »