What distinguishes Cuntonese cuisine from other types of Chinese cooking?

Answer Cantonese must be thoroughly cooked (at a temperature of 160 degrees or higher), and the other is best served at 98.6 degrees.

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Is cooking your own chinese food as nice as buying it from the shop?

no, you cant beat the chinese at their own game.

Chinese Cuisine...?

Many popular/common Chinese dishes in USA (eg. General Tso's Chicken, chop suey, orange beef etc) are actually inventions/improvisations in American Chinatowns, you'll get blank stares if you tried... Read More »

Do Chinese people eat other food other than chinese?

yes of course :)my uncle's wife is a Chinese lady and she eats Indonesian meals, Western meals, and lots other kinds of meals.

Regarding cuisine - Indian or Chinese?

China is a very big country. It's like asking if you like European or Asian cuisine. In the north of China they prefer noodles to rice, in the west, let's say Szechuan, the food is spicy, and in th... Read More »