What distance should a 600 watt HPS lamp be from your plants?

Answer 18" unless its air cooled then 8"

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Instructions for a 275 Watt Sun Lamp?

Sun lamps powered by 275 Watt UV bulbs are pretty much a thing of the past, having been replaced with more modern fluorescent UV bulbs that use far less power and generate less heat. The older lamp... Read More »

Can a 400 watt hps bulb be used in a regular lamp?

No high pressure lbs require a specific ballasts to operate the bulb correctly

Can I use a 120 watt flourescent bulb (32 watt draw) in a maximum 60-watt incandescent light fixture?

The rating of the fixture is simply to limit the current that you put on it. If you have a fluorescent bulb that is drawing less current (32W) than the rating of the fixture (60W), there is no pro... Read More »

How do you know if your fixture is 60 watt or 100 watt?

The maximum wattage and bulb style is required to be affixed to the fixture adjacent to or directly on the socket. If the label has peeled away, then you would have to take an educated guess. For... Read More »