What disinfectants can be used for horse stalls?

Answer Proper stall disinfecting is very important in order to help keep viruses and bacteria at bay. Not only is it important after an outbreak, but it can also prevent diseases from affecting your horse... Read More »

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Specifications for Horse Stalls?

The primary purpose of a horse stall is shelter from the elements and other horses. Comfort is another consideration when designing a horse stall because it needs to be large enough with proper ven... Read More »

Ideas for Nice Horse Stalls?

A nice horse stall should include amenities that provide for the horses' comfort and safety, as well as the handler's convenience. Decorations to set the stall apart can also be installed, as long ... Read More »

How to Keep Horse Stalls Clean?

Keeping a horse's box/stable/stall (call it what you will) clean is vital to ensure it remains healthy. A poorly kept box can lead to a variety of ailments due to wet/ dirty bedding or sharp object... Read More »

What is horse hair used for?

Besides swishing flies, horse hair is also used for many human purposes. Horse hair, the mane and tail, were often woven to make a stiff cloth used for upholstery. Now, horse hair can be found in t... Read More »