What dishes would you make out of these ingredients?

Answer What a collection! Well.....You could probably make some version of Mexican Lasagana with the corn tortillas, salsa, black beans and mexican cheese.…The g... Read More »

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Many websites say that a typical Korean meal consists of rice, soup and side dishes. Why no main dishes?

It goes to a different style of eating. The rice serves as the base of each bite. You can add a tiny bit of each side dish or just one tiny bit of a side dish to get the taste combination you want... Read More »

Dishes with saffron Mainly chicken dishes.?

Lol..I wish i just could take some for you. But try these with Saffron Risotto, saffron biryani rice, saffron chicken, saffron sweet bread etc.. all these recipes are available in Web. You just hav... Read More »

How to Make Pet Food Dishes?

Avoid the cost of purchasing food dishes for your four-legged friends and do a bit of recycling good by reusing unwanted plastic containers from your recycling. This is a really simple activity to ... Read More »

How to Make a Stand for Kitchen Dishes?

If you have limited storage space in your kitchen or dining area, a stand for your dishes is a good solution. The dishes are stored on edge in an attractive wooden rack, allowing you to show off yo... Read More »