What dish do you miss most from your mother's cooking?

Answer bigos!!! mum was polish i grow up on polish sausage and potato with lots of mushrooms and loads of love

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What do you miss the most from becoming a vegetarian?

When you are cooking, what is your signature dish?

Pasta arribiata. I also have a 5-generation bolognese recipe that I can do in my sleep - my family are Italian.

Which actor/actress who disappeared from the business do you miss the most?

I agree. Thora Birch is amazing. I loved her in Ghost World. Another would be Robert DeNiro. He isn't taking acting seriously anymore, and I hate it.

What are the jewellery items do you like most which your grand grand mothers also used them?

I like to wear Nathuni or laung as nasal jewellery,karanphool as earwear,hamel,sariam toda,paayal,pedi,chhalbal, chhanni-dohari,bangles as our grandgrandmothres wore by traditions