What diseases stop your period from coming ?

Answer There is A LOT that can cause you to be late on your period. The only thing I can FOR SURE tell you, is to see a doctor. They will be able to tell you for sure. Sometimes periods are missed for no ... Read More »

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You had sex on last month 12 and your period stop on 11 you had sex without condom and the sperm dint shot in your period stop on 11 until now you havent came your period?

Well, if I follow what you are saying, you had unprotected sex sometime in the last month and have now missed your period. You did not say if your cycle is regular but assuming that it is, there is... Read More »

How to keep your period from coming!?

It's not possible to prevent it from coming. Sorry, but it happens to every woman, and it will happen to you too at some point.

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