What diseases etc are boxer dogs proen to?

Answer Any dog, even well-trained ones, can attack if they are scared or feel threatened.

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What do boxer dogs eat?

A boxer dog's diet should consist of high quality dog food. His food should not be made up of mostly corn and wheat, which are difficult for a boxer dog to digest. Food purchased should be high in ... Read More »

What food type is for boxer dogs?

Boxers are susceptible to cancer, and they also have vulnerable digestive systems. Because of these concerns, they require special attention when considering the most appropriate foods for their ne... Read More »

What is the difference between AKA& AKC registrations for boxer dogs?

AKC is a registry called the American Kennel Club, likely the most recognized dog registry in America. To be registered by the AKC, both parents must be registered purebreds with the AKC. According... Read More »

Why are the tails cut on boxer dogs?

Boxer dogs have distinct features, such as a strong, muscular build and "boxed" nose. Unlike these traits, boxers are not born with their characteristic cut, or docked, tail.HistoryBoxers originate... Read More »