What are the best ways to stop biting your nails?

Answer They make this clear finger nail polish stuff that is really bitter.My mom used it on my when I was young to stop sucking my thumb, although it didn't work for me.]:It has worked for a few friends ... Read More »

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What are some very effective ways to stop biting your nails?

Put your fingers in your butt. LOL.... I know "that's gross" but it would work. I mean come on be go to the bathroom. Your finger breaks through the paper. Next thing you know you're s... Read More »

How can i stop myself from biting my nails?

Right. One idea is to try and reduce stress levels, maybe listen to calming music or keeping yourself occupied so you distract yourself from actually continuing the habit.Book daily manicures so yo... Read More »

How to Stop Biting Your Nails?

Biting nails is a habit which is not easy to quit.Nail biting is a habit that is not easy to quit. Nail biting is also a reflection of extreme nervousness or inability to handle stressful situation... Read More »

How can you overcome the habit of biting your nails?

Instructions: Difficulty: ChallengingStep1The first thing required to stop any habit is to understand why you do it. Determine what triggers cause you to bite ... Read More »