What diseases can a baby get?

Answer CoughCough is the most common disease in babies that is caused due to irritation of nerve receptors in the braonchial tubes, trachea and throat. It can be associated by infection of viruses. This d... Read More »

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Diseases of Baby Chickens?

Disease-causing organisms are always present in the environment, but they may not cause problems unless a flock is stressed or kept in unclean conditions. Diseases are carried through the air, soi... Read More »

What diseases could a baby be born with if the mom drinks during the pregnancy?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which causes mental and physical defects to a baby born to a mother who drinks during pregnancy. The risk of brain damage exists during each trimester, since the fetal brain... Read More »

What are the three ways infectious diseases and noninfectious diseases are alike?

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Relationship between non-infectious diseases and degenerative diseases?