What disease would cause a cat to stop eating?

Answer Cats don't stop eating because they've suddenly become finicky or stubborn. Cats who go without food for more than 24 hours can develop hepatic lipidosis, a serious and sometimes fatal liver diseas... Read More »

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Can eating sperm cause any disease?

The semen itself is not a problem. Pretty much any of the sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted orally.

If i were a vegan, what would i have to stop eating?

HiIts great too see your trying to change your eating habits and become a vegan its a healthier lifestyle vegans don't eat meat,fish,eggs,honey or dairy or wear fur,leather,feathers or anything fro... Read More »

What skin disease would cause a large red raised bump to appear on a babys cheeks?

What would be the cause of me breaking out (swollen lips, skin rashes) for a month when eating certain foods?

Your thyroids could b a thought.your hormones can't b ruled out either.Get a secon opion.A complete blood exam.