How comes they have a rover on mars but no one has ever landed on Mars itself?

Answer Because a rover doesn't need to eat, breathe, perspire and doesn't have a psychological meltdown after 9 months away from Earth. People are not designed for space travel, currently the technology i... Read More »

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My cheesy doctor says I have Assburgers Disease. Does that mean it has progressed to Asscheeseburgers Disease?

What country does Mars have its candy made in?

Mars candy bars are made in manufacturing plants all over the world. In 1932 the Mars Company created the Mars Bar; today, it is produced in many of Mars' manufacturing plants in over 68 countries.... Read More »

What is the name given to people who have alleles for a disease but do not have the disease themselves?

The distance to mars is 7.5 x 1010 meters how long does it take for a radio signal from mars pathfinder to be received by nasa on earth?

light travels at approximately 300,000,000 m/s, so to pass 7.5*1010 meters it would take: 7.5*1010/300,000,000=250 seconds = 4.167 minutes P.S. Mars is not that close, in real life the signal ta... Read More »