What disease does Sabin vaccine prevent?

Answer Dr. Albert Sabin was an American researcher who developed the oral polio vaccine. Dr. Jonas Salk previously had developed a polio vaccine that was injected and required booster shots. Sabin's vacci... Read More »

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What disease does the sabin vaccine prevent?

How does a vaccine prevent a viral disease when injected into the body?

the vaccine has a little bit of the disease in it so your body gets an atibody for the disease so when the disease trys to attack you body you have an immune system to it

For which purpose sabin vaccine is used?

poliomyelitissabin vaccine is used?√ā¬†Historically, sabin vaccine has caused more poliomyelitis than its cured. See ' dr f r kleener, 1907 - 1984 cured every case of polio he saw. his reward, black ... Read More »

When did albert sabin discover the polio vaccine?

American medical researcher Albert Bruce Sabin developed the oral polio vaccine in 1960. American doctors began using the vaccine the following year. An earlier polio vaccine was developed by Jonas... Read More »