What disease did Doc Holliday have?

Answer Doc Holliday died ultimately from tuberculosis, which he had contracted at an early age. Exacerbating his condition was alcohol, which Holliday reportedly consumed in large quantities. The effects ... Read More »

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What disease did Doc Holliday get?

Doc Holliday had tuberculosis, which he may have contracted from his mother. He had to give up his dental practice because of a bad cough and took up gambling to earn a living. He learned to protec... Read More »

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What gun did Doc Holliday use?

Doc Holliday is rumored to have told his nephews that he carried an Army single action revolver, also known as "the gun that won the West." It was manufactured by Colt and fired 45 caliber rounds.S... Read More »

What type gun did Doc Holliday use?

Doc Holliday used a nickel-plated revolver, but its exact make and model are somewhat of a mystery. According to "Big Nose" Kate, the gun had been given to Holliday by Bat Masterson. Several people... Read More »