Yellow tint around my eyes?

Answer If the whites of your eyes are yellow, that's your liver (it's called jaundice).Coloration on on the skin around the eyes usually something else, like a lack of sleep, eating too much, or a problem... Read More »

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What would cause my daughter's eyes to be yellow?

Get her to a doctor ASAP ! People with advanced liver failure are jaundiced because bilirubin accumulates in the skin, turning it yellow. The whites of the eyes become bright yellow-orange. Jaundic... Read More »

Can sickle cell cause yellow eyes?

At times, people who have sickle cell disease will notice that the whites of their eyes appear yellow. Usually the appearance of yellow eyes is the result of the rapid breakdown of sickle red blood... Read More »

How to Fix Tired, Red, Itchy & Yellow Eyes?

Perhaps you've been putting in longer hours at the office, the new baby has been keeping you up at night, or maybe you are dealing with an infection. Whatever the cause, your eyes tell the story of... Read More »

I have a problem with the muscles surrounding my eyes, due to having Graves Disease at an early age.?

Exopthalmus due to Grave's disease ( Hyperthyroidism) is due to LATS long acting thyroid stimulator.It produces protrusion of the eyes,proptosis and lid retraction, not damage to the occular muscle... Read More »